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Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is Insurance that reimburses certain actual private medical costs incurred. You could choose to pay for private medical treatment out of your own savings or by borrowing more money against your assets – reducing your overall wealth or you could choose to have a medical insurance and get the insurance company to pay for it.

The biggest and most common asked question is: Do I need medical insurance?

This is especially even more important, considering that New Zealand has a pretty good public health care system. In case of an emergency where you might have a life threatening condition and require emergency treatment, chances are you will be well treated and moreover for kiwis, it’s essentially free. However, due to the growing pressure on our public health care system, there are at time shortage of resources and as a result of this some of the non-life threatening treatments and surgeries are not treated as a priority and people have to wait for these to be done, creating the so called “waiting list”

This is where Medical insurance can help allowing you to avail the private medical treament instead of waiting for your turn on the waiting list. You might just need to see a specialist to get a second opinion but getting specialist treatment through the public health system can take longer than most people think. The question you need to ask yourself is – What if you have a life threatening illness?? Is it really worth the wait….

We work with you to make Medical cover easy to understand, affordable and relevant to your situation. The first step is to contact us for a no obligation free chat. We will run through your Medical cover requirements with you, give you some quotes and help you in making an informed decision about keeping yourself and your loved ones covered for a medical eventuality.

When you’re looking for Medical insurance, we’ve got the experience and knowledge to help you as we deal with some of the most reputed insurance companies in the NZ market helping to deliver you a cover that is easy to understand, relevant to you and your family and is affordable.

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