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Life Insurance

In the process of building our assets for ourselves and our loved ones, we sometimes get too engrossed to realise the most important truth of live – mortality!!

None of us wants to think about it all the time but the fact is that we do fall sick, get injured and in some cases, people do pass away due to accidents. We cannot worry about these all the time but what we can do is limit the financial implications of these unwanted unexpected events by having adequate and the right type of insurance cover.

There are several insurance companies in the market, which have several products that can cover you for various types of risks. Undertaking systematic analysis of your insurance need, choose from plethora of products available in the market, at the right price from the right insurer, can be a daunting process.

This is where, we can help you and this service is absolutely free. We deal with some of the most reputed insurance companies in the market, have up to date knowledge of the products they offer and their pricing. Based on our discussions with you, we can tailor and provide you with an insurance package showing comparisons of benefits Vs costs, together with our recommendations based on our knowledge and experience, for you to be able to make an informed decision.

Your application is then presented to the insurer of your choice, who will either approve (in certain cases with loading of premium or with exclusions) or may occasionally decline.

Our services in the field of insurances cover the following

Life – in case of death the life cover amount is paid to the policy owners

Trauma– this covers some of the major illnesses like cancer, stroke, heart attack etc

Mortgage and Income protection – covers loss of income or mortgage repayments due to sickness or an injury

Redundancy Cover

Business continuity cover – both for new and established businesses

These are some of the covers that one can take. However, each individual’s needs are different and that’s where our insurance assessment tools come in handy. When you’re looking for life insurance, we’ve got the expertise and product knowledge relevant to each individual’s situation to deliver you an appropriate amount of cover at an afforable price.

So, please talk to us now and see how we can help you protect yourself, your loved ones and your assets at the right premiums!!

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